May 19, 2006 - Boating on Navajo Lake

A cat at Cottonwood Campground in Espanola:

Crossing the Rio Grande most likely for the last time on this trip:

Snow-capped mountains in Colorado as seen from northern New Mexico:

THANK YOU CHUCK! Mike rolling the boat from our campsite to the lake:

Lois thought Mike would scream when he had to step in the cold water - but he didn't:

While boating:



Threatening weather:

It wasn't as easy to pull the boat up the 50 vertical feet (as measured with a GPS)
from the lake to our campsite as it was to roll it down, but Chuck's dolly design worked GREAT!
Here's the boat parked for the night:

The view of the lake where we launched the boat from our campsite:

The weather still looks threatening at sunset:

1 - Cottonwood RV Park, Espanola, NM to
2 - Sims Mesa Campground in Navajo Lake State Park

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