May 9, 2006 - Lake LBJ to Ingram

Still using our Reader's Digest reference book, The most scenic drives in America, we traveled north to an overlook of Lake LBJ (the same lake we boated in on May 8th):

Number 2 on the map below, an overlook of Lake LBJ

We stopped in a grocery store parking lot in Llano, TX (number 3 on the map below) to check our maps and parked next to a truck that I noticed had its keys in the ignition. What a trusting town! I was so impressed, I decided to take a picture of the keys to share with you, my web site readers. Back to checking the maps, and the next thing I know, a woman named Lisa is knocking on the motorhome window. I open the window and she asks, "were you taking a picture of my truck?" I told her how impressed I was with the town that her keys were left in the ignition. She started laughing and said, "everyone does that, in fact" as she opened the door to the truck, "my purse is sitting on the seat!" I asked permission to take her picture, and she agreed. Here's Lisa:

We continued south to Enchanted Rock State Natural Area (number 4 on the map below)

We continued south to the town of Fredricksburg, Texas (number 5 on the map below) to have lunch in a German restaurant - delicious.

With a storm approaching, we stopped for the day at Johnson Creek RV Resort in Ingram, TX (number 6 on the map below).

1 - Sunset Point at Lake LBJ in Marble Falls, TX to
2 - an overlook of Lake LBJ near Kingsland, TX, to
3 - Llano, TX to
4 - Enchanted Rock to
5 - Fredricksburg, TX to
6 - Ingram, TX

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