May 8, 2006 - Lake LBJ
Marble Falls, TX

Using our Reader's Digest reference book, The most scenic drives in America, we traveled north through Austin to Cedar Park, then west to Marble Falls.

Along the way, we stopped to feed an apple to a donkey.

Can you tell which one is the ass?

Then after parking in the perfect campsite at Sunset Point at Lake LBJ, we unpacked our new boat and motor and with the wind at our back, went 12 miles up the lake.

Mike driving the boat on Lake LBJ

A swan and a duck (we also saw turtles and fish)

What a beautiful lake. Surrounded by million dollar homes, most with many boats and jet skis in elaborate boat houses. Nearing the end of the day, it was time to turn around and ride the 12 miles back to our campsite.

But now going into the wind, the gentle chop seemed like high seas, with Lois bouncing off her seat many times. We tried different speeds, seating arrangements and curses, until we eventually got back to our home for the night.

It took a little more than an hour to unpack and assemble the boat. And a little less than an hour to deflate the boat, dry it off a little, and pack it back into the motorhome.

The motorhome on our waterfront campsite on Lake LBJ

Mike on his way to see the dam

The boat and motor, packed safely in the motorhome. Phew!

1 - Drive from San Marcos, TX to
2 - Cedar Park, TX - the start of the scenic drive, to
3 - Sunset Point at Lake LBJ in Marble Falls, TX

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