The Headwaters of the Mississippi River
August 7, 2003

Happy 40th Birthday Greg!

Once again we are amazed how we can find another place that we think is wonderful. After spending a lot of time in the arid plains, we find the lakes region of Minnesota full of tall green trees and of course clear beautiful freshwater lakes around every corner. This would be a great place to spend summers. Cool water, warm but not hot air and a lot of friendly people. I wish we brought a Ski Nautique.

We waited for the sun to be hot and then we went swimming in Long Lake at our campground that had a luxurious 2 p.m. checkout time Lois was good with the camera to catch me in the air diving off the dock
Lois especially enjoyed swimming in this lake because it reminded her of Kiwanis Lake east of Cleveland where she spent a lot of her summers in Ohio Lois and Mike at the point where the Mississippi River begins from water flowing north out of Lake Itasca Lois and Mike on the first bridge (geographically) to cross the Mississippi River