26 miles from The Cove Palisades to Pelton Park
June 10, 2003

Camped at The Cove Palisades State Park, deep in a canyon surrounded by huge rocks Clockwise, Mike, Lois, Annie, Kattie and Buddy on top of the Cove Palisades overlooking Lake Billy Chinook - that's Mount Hood far in the distance just over Mike's right sholder On a cliff over the north end of Lake Billy Chinook looking at the Round Butte Dam and Lake Simtustus on the other side - note this view because in a later photo we're in a boat in Lake Simtustus looking up over the same dam at the point where this photo was taken Camped at Pelton Park on Lake Simtustus near the Pelton Dam Lois enjoying our boat ride through the canyon on Lake Simtustus A deer spotted near the shore of Lake Simtustus A bird (we don't know what kind) that just caught a fish from Lake Simtustus OK here's the picture of the Round Butte Dam as seen from a boat on Lake Simtustus - the far right corner of the cliff behind the dam is where we stood earlier in the day when we took the first picture of this dam Waterfalls into Lake Simtustus Lois driving the boat A bird soaring over the canyon, with the near full moon The motorhome set up at our campground - Pelton Park The Pelton Dam as seen from a boat on Lake Simtustus