Seeing bald eagles at Dungeness Bay
May 22, 2003

What a special day today! We happened upon a waterfront restaurant overlooking Dungeness Bay and decided to stop for lunch (of course we had Dungeness crab). The waiter told us that eagles had been frequenting the area, then only minutes later he came back to point out the eagles. We watched five young and one adult bald eagles for well over an hour. We took pictures with all three of our cameras. The digital pictures aren't really that good. The first tiny picture below shows the adult eagle that is in the center of the next picture. Four of the young eagles are in the next picture. I know you can't seem them well in these pictures, but it's all I can show you now. We haven't developed the film from the other still camera yet. The video is much better; we managed to get the adult flying.

At the same beach we saw a doe and her two fawns (I was so busy with the video camera I forgot to take any still pictures).

A cut-out of the bald eagle in the next picture

An adult bald eagle on the piling in the center of the picture seen at Dungeness Bay, Washington Four young eagles on the shore at Dungeness Bay Lois walking Annie at our campground in Fort Worden, where Puget Sound opens into Juan de Fuca Strait