The most frightening day of driving in my life - nothing short of stupid. After waiting a few days for the Tioga Pass to open, with it still closed we decided to cross the Sierra-Nevada mountain range on the Sonora Pass. A few people told us it was steeper and not that easy for a motor home, but it was possible. Crossing the Sonora Pass was easy compared to the Wards Ferry Road (marked 2 on the map below) on the other side of the pass. We used our computer navigation system (Street Atlas USA) to determine the quickest route and it sent us on some back country roads that started out quaint - passing through local farms with llamas, sheep and lots of horses. But every few miles, the roads would get more narrow and the turns more sharp. By the time we realized the road wasn't for us, it was seemingly impossible to turn around so we continued on hoping, and eventually praying in terror that our nightmare would end. There was about a 45 minute period where we were on a steep, one-lane mountain road, with sheer cliffs on one side and jutting rock walls on the other. The outside wheels were on the edge of the cliff while the roof of the motor home was close to the rock walls. There were seemingly-constant blind switchbacks, so we were frequently blowing the horn to hopefully prevent a head-on crash. Three times we encountered head-on traffic where we stopped and waited for the other cars to back up to a place where we could move forward, then stop, then allow them to squeeze by us. We crossed two rivers. One was the Tuolumne River - it had a nice two-lane bridge. The second was Deer Creek and only had a narrow one-lane bridge. The turn onto the Deer Creek bridge was so sharp, with no maneuvering room; it took us about 10 minutes of moving forward and back just to get onto the bridge. Fortunately we had no trouble getting off it on the other side. Most fortunately, we managed to get back to a decent road. All three of us were miserable on this road, and it upset us for the remainder of our drive into Yosemite National Park and back out to our campground at Indian Flat, just outside El Portal. Looking back, no matter how hard it would have been, I should have backed up for however long it would have taken to get off that horrible road. If you ever find yourself in this area of the country IN A CAR I would recommend driving this road for the experience and beautiful views. But in anything else, stay far, far away.

At stop 1 on the map, we had lunch and saw the river being stocked with trout
Look below the net and you'll see two trout falling.  We were told they put about 200 trout in the river each week.

Janet throwing a snowball at me on the top of Sonora Pass
Look carefully and you'll see the snowball in the air on its way to me (even though it fell short).  Mom was too cold to get out of the motor home at the top of the pass.

The driver's view of the snow on the Sonora Pass
We didn't take any pictures of Wards Ferry Road because we were too frightened to think about taking pictures.

Ward's Ferry Road - Directly south from Soulsbyville to Big Oak Flat

Lee Vining, CA over the 1-Sonora Pass, across 2-Wards Ferry Road, into and out of 3-Yosemite National Park to Indian Flat Campground near El Portal, CA - 200 Hard Miles