What an amazing day of contrasts. We did some laundry and shopping then left Las Vegas for California. We drove through Death Valley National Park - the LARGEST National Park in the continental United States with the lowest elevation in all the Americas. We experienced 109 degree temperatures below sea level. Before the end of the day, we camped overlooking Mt. Whitney, the highest point in the continental United States.

This picture is probably only interesting to my Wright Agency business partners Barbara and Gary.
In Las Vegas, we camped across the street from NOS Communications, one of the companies we did business with.
We were an agent to sell NOS' services, but I recall they never paid us so we stopped representing them.

Here's Mom 190' below sea level at the park headquarters.
It was 109 degrees here in the shade!

The motor home did great in the heat, notice the temperature gauge with the outside temperature over 109.
Not only was it HOT we had to climb from sea level to over 5000 feet in only 20 miles!

Las Vegas, NV to Death Valley National Park to Lone Pine, CA - 255 Miles