While the motor home slide out was being repaired, we went to the strip to see some sights.
First we saw The Secret Garden of Seigfried & Roy. Here's a White Lion.
We also saw dolphins, tigers, cougars and elephants

Mom and Mike in the Caesar's Palace Forum
We had lunch here at the Cheesecake Factory (Mom had a Club Sandwich, Janet had spicy pasta and Mike had a Chicken Taco)

Mom and Janet admiring the lobby ceiling sculpture at the Bellagio Hotel
We heard this hotel cost $20 BILLION

After the motor home slide out was FIXED - hooray - Mike went for a swim at the campground pool while Mom and Janet took naps, then we drove the motor home to the Las Vegas strip to see some more sights.
Here's the $20 Billion Bellagio Hotel at night - those fountains perform every 15 minutes.
We also saw The Mirrage volcano errupt, but missed the Treasure Island Pirate Show because it was cancelled.